Chestnut, Chinese

Castanea mollissima

Bare root seedling, 12"
1 - 9 $7.00
10 - 19 $6.00
20 or more $5.00



Chinese chestnuts make some of the best nuts in the Castanea (chestnut) genus. They are large, sweet, and peel easily. The trees themselves have good blight resistance and vigorous growth. Generally the Chinese chestnut tree is not quite cold hardy enough for producing nuts consistently in zone 5. This is why hybrids trees containing genetic material from the more cold hardy American chestnut are developed. That being said there are many pure Chinese chestnut cultivars that thrive in zone 5. The Chinese chestnut trees offered here are seedlings from trees that have survived -20 degree temperatures. They will most likely do just fine in zone 5 and are absolutely hardy to zone 6.

If you aren’t already familiar with chestnuts, they are essentially a grain-growing tree. This is said because the nuts contain far more starch than fat or protein. Basically anything that can be made with corn can be made with chestnuts. The American chestnuts were wiped out by a terrible blight in the early twentieth century, which is why hybrids are grown today. The additional genetics from Chinese and Japanese chestnut trees convey resistance to the blight.

Climate zones:   5 - 8
Height:   40'
Width:   40'