Welcome to Quiverwood Nursery

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We’re a small-scale permaculture nursery and homestead that grows and sells trees and shrubs online. We specialize in nutritious fruit- and nut-producing species that are easy to grow and care for.

Located in the rolling hills of Richford, NY, Quiverwood Nursery produces fruit- and nut-bearing woody plants. Our main goal is to help people add low-maintenance food production and beauty to their landscape.

We became interested in planting trees after learning about permaculture, which led to us wanting to produce more of our own food from perennial systems. By propagating trees and shrubs to produce food for our own homestead, we discovered how gratifying the process could be and wanted to share this experience with others.

We sell only bare root trees and shrubs as we believe this to be the optimal way to have the plants thrive at their final location. We grow everything here without any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides and make sure that the impact we have on our soil is regenerative, not destructive. We love the fact that we can produce something that will continue to provide food for people and for Mother Nature for many, many years.

Check out what our nursery has for sale:

Trees grow faster than you might think! Pictured here is a 5 year old heartnut tree. The second picture was what this same tree looked like two growing seasons ago.

September 5, 2019
May 25, 2018