Nut Trees

Nut trees show great potential for being the staple foods for our society’s sustainable future. With starchy chestnuts, mineral-rich pecans, and walnuts full of healthy oils and protein, at least some of the major calorie needs in a diet can be satisfied through their boon of macronutrients and vitamins. Large majestic trees need no work to maintain once established, and offer a bounty in the form of nuts and beauty for lifetimes.

Often people think they will have to wait too long for a crop yield, and so they don’t plant any nut trees. But this is a little misrepresentative of the stewardship of any tree. In reality, you are never really waiting for the trees to bear. You simply took the time to plant a few one afternoon, saw them turn into full trees over the next few years, and were surprised when you noticed that they made some nuts one day. You see, you weren’t waiting at all. By the time they produce nuts, you can hardly remember planting them. This is how it seemed to us, at least. Growing the tree offered so much more than nuts – and the nuts themselves offer quite a bit. It’s hard to describe. The change in the landscape is best experienced for yourself.

Nut Trees:

Juglans ailantifolia

Northern Pecan

Carya illinoinensis

Hybrid Hazelnut

Corylus Hybrid