Black Currant

Ribes nigrum

Bare root, clonal propagated cultivar


1 or more $10.00



Black currants are small shrubs that produce delicious black berries. The taste is unique among fruit. If you’ve never eaten them before, the first berry you taste will confuse you as to whether or not you like it. Soon the flavor will grow on you in a big way. Usually the berries are used in jams and preserves but can be eaten fresh. Black Currants are highly nutrient dense putting them in the category of “superfood”. The black currant shrubs we offer are vegetatively propagated clones from good producing cultivars. They will usually produce a yield in 2-3 years after planting. Black currants may produce on their own but it would be best to have two cultivars to cross pollinate
4-6’ tall and wide, Zones 4-8

Climate zones:   4 - 8
Height:   4-6’
Width:   4-6’