Bare root, clonal propagated cultivar


1 - 9 $10.00
10 - 19 $9.00
20 or more $8.00



Grapes are excellent vine crops to add to your landscape. They tolerate a wide variety of soil conditions and grow quickly making them a great low maintenance option for the garden. Grapes are heavy producers as well. It’s especially fun to harvest grapes as you snip off the large clusters of fruit. Grapes are self fertile so they do not need another grape vine to pollinate them.

Brianna: This is a seeded yellow-green grape. It is a vigorous and disease resistant. The grapes are suitable for fresh eating and wine making. The flavor is complex and has hints of pineapple. Hardy to zone 3.

Eidelweiss: Fast growing and disease resistant, this yellow seeded grape is good for fresh eating, jams, and wine making. The fruit has a citrus like flavor. Hardy to zone 4.

King of the North: This is a purple seeded grape with a delicious quintessential grape flavor. Great for anything that’s normally done with a grape. Very vigorous grower. Excellent disease resistance. Hardy to zone 3.

Height:   35'+