Bare root seedling

West Danby Hybrid

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If you aren’t already familiar with chestnuts, they are essentially a grain-growing tree. This is said because the nuts contain far more starch than fat or protein. Basically anything that can be made with corn can be made with chestnuts. The American chestnuts were wiped out by a devastating blight in the early twentieth century, which is why hybrids trees are grown today. The additional genetics from Chinese and Japanese chestnut trees convey resistance to the blight.

All the chestnuts we offer are bare-root seedlings.

West Danby hybrids: 1'

These chestnut trees are seed grown from parents of complex hybrids containing genetics of American, European, Chinese, and Japanese chestnut trees. The seeds come from Danby, NY and were collected by Akiva Silver at Twisted Tree Farm. The trees are fast growing with good flavor nuts. The hybrid chestnuts we offer show good blight resistance.

Mossbarger: 3'

These are extremely cold hardy pure Chinese chestnut trees. They are the best choice for growing in zones as cold as 4b. The nuts are large and bear reliably. The seedlings we offer come from a Mossbarger mother tree.

Peach, Qing, Khor - Mix: 3'

All these cultivars are some of the most cold hardy pure Chinese trees, though not quite as hardy as Mossbarger. They are all good bearers of large sweet nuts down to zone 5 and experimentally in zone 4. This option would be a good choice for anyone wanting a diverse mix of cold hardy chestnut trees. The seedlings we offer are from the cultivar mother trees Peach, Qing, and Khor. If you choose this option your tree(s) will be chosen at random from this mix.

Height:   40'
Width:   40'