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Heartnut - Juglans ailantifolia - 12"

The heartnut is a Japanese walnut variety whose nuts are heart-shaped and crack out easily in two halves. The tree is resistant to many diseases that afflict black walnuts and butternuts, but is susceptible to walnut bunch disease. The flavor of the heartnut is similar to grocery store walnuts but without any bitterness. The tree can grow very quickly once established. The branches on heartnuts reach out in a wide, spreading form, and the large compound leaves give the tree a majestic look.

Hardy Carpathian -

This walnut is a hardy strain of the English walnut which orignates in the Carpathian mountains of Korea. The walnuts sold in grocery stores are English walnuts so if you want a classic walnut but live somewhere a bit too cold, give this tree a try. The tree is hardy to zone 5 but may not reliably produce in this climate zone. This tree is also great for high value timber production.

Climate zones:   5 - 8
Height:   60'
Width:   60'